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The Wedding Rental Guide

Whenever you attend a wedding, you obviously wouldn’t expect the bride and groom to buy every flower and stick of furniture they use. Practicality matters, and that’s why people rent the items they use during their big day. If you’re planning a wedding or helping to plan a wedding, here is a quick go-to guide for arranging the rental items.

Step 1 – Visualize how you want your wedding to look.

This would entail having a fairly specific idea of how you want your reception venue to look. Will you be using the run of the mill decors like flowers in season, organza chair covers and fairly simple china? Is there a specific theme to your wedding like a rustic chic-style wedding, a modern minimalist style or something that incorporates a hobby like music, art or travelling?

In addition to this, your venue may not have any rental items on hand for you to choose from. In this case, you’ll have to find rental places that would allow you to borrow everything from chairs, tables, centerpieces, flatware and bars.

Step 2 – Picking out potential vendors for your wedding needs.

Depending on how typical your wedding rental selection will be, finding the perfect vendor can range from fairly simple to downright impossible. Many vendors have a wide range of usual items in their inventory like chairs, tables, a sound system, décor and flatware. They may even have photo booths, serving equipment and gazebos! Other vendors have this, and they also have specialized décor like fancy lamps for outdoor weddings or special chairs for picnic-style weddings.

If in case you don’t find everything you need with one vendor, ask them for referrals on where to find the items you want to rent. In lieu of a referral, you can check online as well. But take note that many good vendors may not have an online presence, and the ones that do may be more expensive.

Have a list of potential vendors handy, and consult each one of them for what they can offer you at the most reasonable price. In addition, ensure the vendor you’ve chosen is part of industry trade associations as well.

Step 3 – Getting to know the basics of rentals.

Renting isn’t just a matter of picking out the items you want, giving them a time and date to set it up, and having them haul it back to their storage room after the event.

You also have to realize that some services come with the rental, while others require an added fee. In addition, many rental vendors also require a percentage of the total cost as deposit once you make a reservation with them.

There are also three types of rental delivery services that your chosen vendor may offer you. You can choose the tailgate delivery. This means the vendor delivers the items to your venue, but it’s up to you unload and set up the inventory. Custom delivery is where the delivery truck goes to the party site and sets up the equipment before the event. They’ll also be the ones to take everything down after the wedding.

You also need to speak to your vendor about instances where there is damage incurred on the items you rent. Some vendors may ask for a cash deposit that you can get back only if there are no damages to the things you’ve rented.