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Wedding Outfit / Attire Checklist

Knowing that the choice of the wedding attire is one of the most important steps of the wedding planning (especially brides put a great deal of time and emotions into this), we want to help you decide on your final wedding outfit by giving you a list of the many possibilities you have.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the ideas pointed out here. Just pick the ones that best suit your dream wedding.

And don’t forget about…

Tip #1: You need to decide if you’re paying for the attire of others. You may need to do that if you want all to dress alike, unless they can afford the attire themselves.

Tip #2: Prepare emergency kit for the day of: thread, needle, underwear, tampons/pads, aspirin, band aid, hairspray, deodorant, medications, lipstick, mascara, brush, cotton, kleenex, water bottles, nylon stockings, razor…

Tip #3: You may want to do a beauty day. Go some days before with a few friends or partner to get a massage (clarify who pays what). Or perhaps you prefer a deep face cleansing (3 months-1 month-2 weeks before)

Tip #4: Go to the hair dresser for a consultation and check what they charge for bridal party.

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