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Should You Get Wedding Insurance?

Disaster can strike at anytime, anywhere. Are you willing to risk it during the wedding? Though wedding insurance may not prevent any unforeseen mishaps from happening, it does help to know that you can at least get your money back in case something bad happens during your wedding day.

The first question you may be thinking is whether or not you really need wedding insurance. The answer would be “no” if the venue and vendors already have their own insurance policy. But it’s still a good idea to check what they’d cover, just in case you feel like you need more. On the other hand, it’s always a good idea to invest in insurance if you feel like there are circumstances that may lead to the cancellation of the wedding. Examples include:

Damage to the attires of the bride, groom or wedding entourage.

Weather conditions that prevent you from going on with your wedding.

Vendors, caterers and servicemen who don’t show up for your wedding.

Sudden illness or injury on the part of those who are crucial to the wedding ceremony.

Accidents incurred during the wedding such as fire, electrical problems or just the venue shutting down mere weeks or even days before the event.

What Does Wedding Insurance Typically Cover?

Sickness and Injuries: Anyone essential to the wedding can get sick at the worst possible time. If this is the case, your wedding insurance can cover the postponement of the wedding and its costs

The Venue: If the site happens to be inaccessible due to man-made or natural causes, or it’s damaged due to a recent accident, you can still get part of your money back.

The Weather: The weather can be unpredictable. But at least your wedding insurance can cover anything that can cause a postponement of the wedding such as a snowstorm, flood, high tide or just about anything. Your insurance would also cover the rescheduling of the wedding, including the décor, tents and food.

The Vendors: If in case the caterer, officiant, DJ or even the entire orchestra doesn’t make it to the wedding, you can be covered for the cancellation or postponement of the wedding.

Other Events: Depending on the coverage of your insurance, you can also get coverage for injuries during the wedding, gifts getting lost in transit, a no-show photographer or even cancellation of your honeymoon. Just check with your insurance provider and have a look at additional insurance coverage options.

How Much Does Insurance Cost and When Should You Get It?

You’d be surprised at what can be covered with just a premium of $200! This would be enough to cover up to $1,000,000 in accidents and unforeseen circumstances. Just imagine how much more you’d end up spending if you need to postpone the wedding without any insurance.

As for when you should get insurance, as soon as you’ve set your mind on having a wedding. Generally this would be within 12 months of the wedding. However, as mentioned earlier, it’s still a good idea to have your venue secured just so you don’t end up paying extra insurance for a venue that’s already covered.