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Selecting the Best Wedding Invitations

If this is your first time getting married, you very well might be feeling overwhelmed by the wide variety of wedding invitations available. The invitation is important because it creates the first impression of your wedding for your guests and sets the tone for the event. The choices you make with your invitations should reflect your personality and style. As a result, many couples spend a great deal of time choosing the perfect wedding invitation.

If you are looking over a wedding checklist, you will find that typically invites are mailed out at least 6 weeks prior to the big day. Throughout your schedule, other preparations that tie into wedding invitations show up prominently. Decisions about wedding themes, colors and tone should be made as early as possible so that these can be united.

For example, give consideration early on to your wedding colors. It is a very nice added touch for a wedding when couples choose colors to create visual unity, and then use these colors on the wedding invitation stationary, the flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses, the decorations, etc. Some couples will even choose a theme for the wedding and tie that theme into the wedding invitations. Wedding themes might be something like flowers, the ocean, or the season.

A decision as to whether the tone of the wedding is highly formal or informal should be made. This choice should impact the look and feel of your invitations. Once you have established a level of formality, this fact would influence whether you choose handmade wedding invitations or traditional wedding invitations. If you are going for a very formal and polished look, you can choose professionally produced invitations that are mailed out for you. The level of formality you choose would also influence the quality of the paper you choose for your wedding invitation stationary.

About 4-6 months before a wedding, most couples choose the wedding stationary and the calligrapher when applicable. Your wedding invitations can also reflect whether your wedding is a nighttime black-tie event, an outdoor event, or even the season during which your wedding takes place. Special attention must also be placed on wedding invitation wording. The level of formality of your wedding might also play a part in the wording you choose.

Don’t forget to give some consideration to the envelopes. What good is a perfect wedding invitation when the quality of the envelope is ignored? After all, your guests will see your envelope before they even get to the wedding invitation. Many couples choose a professional calligrapher to also address the envelopes. However, it is also a nice touch to personalize the envelopes yourself when you are inviting your guests to your wedding. Addressing your own invitations serves to remind your guests that you truly care about their presence at your wedding.