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Picking Out Your Unity Candle

The unity candle is a symbol of how the bride and groom will embark on a life together. It’s typically used in many Christian ceremonies, but due to its beautiful symbolism, it may also be used in non-Christian ceremonies.

Unity candles are composed of three parts: A candle for the groom, another for the bride and the bigger single candle symbolizing their oneness. It’s usually found between the bride and groom during the ceremony, and it’s lit right after the exchange of vows. It’s a great visual touch, and can also make for a lovely wedding memento.

There are tons of different unity candles that cater to different types of couples. Below are some common examples:

Non-drip and smoke-free unity candles for easier cleanup.

Colored unity candles that reflect your wedding theme.

Unity candles that incorporate themes from your wedding into its design or holder.

Oil unity candles, which is composed of a wick floating in oil.

Here are some tips on choosing the right unity candle for your wedding:

The non-drip and smoke-free unity candles work best for indoor weddings so the smoke won’t end up wafting within the room or ruining the pictures. Also, non-drip candles won’t run the risk of ruining your clothes or the altar cloth with dripping wax.

If you’re having your wedding outside, it may be a good idea to keep the unity candle within an enclosed candle holder so the wind won’t blow out the flame. You wouldn’t want the candle blown out before you even get to take a photo of it! There are tons of gorgeous designs for candle holders that can match your wedding theme.

Many unity candles are white, but you can choose to have a colored one for a more vibrant touch. Lots of sellers also provide customization services to give you the perfect hue to your candles.

If you prefer a white candle, a ribbon around the candle makes for a subtle and classy touch. You can also add designs that coincide with your wedding theme. It can be a pin of a locket with the bride and groom’s faces, small flowers from the wedding bouquet or just a smattering of beadwork.

Couples who want a minimalist theme to their wedding may want to use simple metal or glass unity candle holders. It’s easy on the eyes, but still classically elegant. If you’re not a fan of candle holders, you can stick little white beads or pearls onto the unity candle so it’s still a bit subtle.

Weddings with tons of flowers shouldn’t neglect the flowers at the altar. Surround your unity candle with enough flowers to cover the holder for that added floral touch.

Since you can customize your candle, you can choose to print part of your vows, a love quote or the names of the bride and groom onto the candle.

Get creative and add a personal touch to your unity candle. Remember, it’s a symbol of your lives intertwining together. So you might as well make the candle symbolize the life you want to have as a married couple!