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Party Games

Weddings and the following receptions are a lot of fun in general with all the mingling, dancing and celebrating, but there are times things can get a little dry. Guests who don’t know anybody except for the bride or the groom may feel a little out of place. Extended family members may feel as if they should hover around the edges instead of really joining in the festivities and socializing with everybody. What about planning some games that draws everybody in and gives everybody the chance to really have fun at your wedding reception?

Party games are not just for your bridal shower. They can also be played at your reception and your guests will thank you for it. The following games are some ideas for you to use at your own wedding. Ideally, you want to have a minimum of two games and no more than five. Have a game for the kids (if kids are at the reception) and a game for the adults. You know your guests best so pick games you think will appeal to them.

Beanbag Game

This is a great way to get guests active after sitting through a wedding. Create the bride and groom’s silhouettes on a board and cut a small hole in the center. Make beanbags out of material that matches the wedding colors. Guests toss the bags and attempt to get the bags through the hole. Whoever makes the most shots, wins!

Ring Toss—Outdoor wedding

This is a fun game that would complement an outdoor wedding. Collect old bottles and paint them with your wedding colors. Use rings decorated or painted to match your wedding colors. Put the rings in an old apple crate or other box. Guests throw the rings and try to get the ring on the bottleneck. This is a great game for young and old.

Giant Games

You can find giant-sized versions of some of the old classics like Checkers, Connect 4, Sorry and Scrabble. These are great for outdoor weddings, but you could also set them up inside if your venue has enough space available. Guest will love the big games and will be able to walk around and mingle with other guests.

I Spy

This is a game guests play throughout the ceremony. Create a list of items guests need to spy and photograph with either a digital camera or cell phone camera. After the reception, the guest sends their pictures to you via email. Whoever photographs each of the items on the list, wins! This is also a great way for you to get pictures from your reception that would otherwise be missed by your professional photographer. The following are some of the things you could put on your list.

The bride eating

The groom talking with his mom

The youngest guest at the wedding

Bride and groom’s first dance

The Shoe Game

This is an old classic. The bride and groom sit back to back. They take off their shoes and give one to their new spouse so the bride is holding one of hers and one of his. He does the same. The DJ or best man asks the couple questions. Things like who takes the longest to get ready or who will be cooking the most are fun questions. If the bride says she will be doing the cooking, she holds up her shoe and the groom does the same. It is a lot of fun for the guests and the couple.

Have fun picking a couple of games and your guests will appreciate you thinking of their needs. While the event is all about you, you want your guests to enjoy themselves and remember your wedding and reception as one of the best they have ever attended.