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Ideas for the Perfect Beach Wedding

If you have ever attended a beach wedding, then you know just how much fun and how very romantic they can be. A beach wedding certainly has a lot going for it, especially when the weather cooperates. Just imagine having your wedding by the ocean with the breeze flowing and plenty of sunshine everywhere. It’s just about as great of a wedding picture as one can imagine. Smart brides and grooms will see all the advantages of such a wedding, for instance saving money. But don’t forget the sunscreen!

A beach wedding really lends itself to incorporating all sorts of beach related themes. One of the best beach wedding ideas is to work your beach theme into your reception. This can be as simple as decorations with seashells and a nautical theme. These types of elements also are perfect for wedding favors. You can also get more involved by incorporating your beach wedding theme into your reception menu. For example, seafood dishes are a wonderful and potentially healthy avenue for your reception menu.

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Many people often forget simple creature comforts when they think “beach wedding.” Those who opt for a wedding at the beach should remember that if the weather turns out to be hot, you will need to provide your guests with plenty of cool drinks. Weddings are notorious for being delayed and on a warm day these delays could be rather taxing for guests. Thus a practical and festive beach wedding idea is to have a designated “drink person” who can keep your guests hydrated while they wait for your wedding to begin. You can also serve tropical drinks that fit right into the style and mood of your affair.

Your bridesmaids might like the idea of ocean inspired dress colors, such as blue or sandy brown. When contrasted against the white of a bride’s dress and the ocean as a backdrop, your bridesmaids will look gorgeous. Your beach wedding will also provide you with truly amazing photos. If it is possible, hire a photographer who has had experience shooting photos on the beach. Make sure you ask your photographer to get some images shot at sunset, as this time a day on the ocean is truly magical.

One of the great side benefits of this type of wedding is that you can have a very special day that stands out in people’s memories. Everyone loves the ocean. As a result, a beach wedding truly conjures up a sense of beauty and romance.

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