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How to Organize the Groom and
Groomsmen’s Attire

When it comes to wedding attires, most people would be spending tons of time on what the bride and her bridesmaids would wear. But the groom and his groomsmen would also need to look handsome and dapper once the big day comes. It’s true that there’s way more variety in what the bride and her entourage would wear. However, the subtle differences in suits and tuxedos also make a huge impact on how the groom and his merry band of groomsmen would look on the day of the wedding.

A Quick Formality Guide

Of course, the attire of the groom and his groomsmen should match the formality of the wedding. Here’s quick guide for your options, depending on the type of wedding you’ll be having:

Formal daytime wedding usually call for a dark grey cutaway jacket paired with an ascot tie, a color-matched vest in a slightly lighter color and trousers that match the jacket.

Semi-formal daytime weddings would call for a dark stroller coat, a necktie, vest and matching trousers.

Formal evening weddings call for a black tuxedo set.

Semi-formal evening weddings call for a dark or black tuxedo or dinner jacket, paired with formal trousers. This can also be paired with a tie and/or a cummerbund that matches the bridesmaids’ attire.

Coordinating the Groom’s Suit with the Wedding Gown

Groomsmen can’t just show up with their own set of uncoordinated outfits! As the bride would probably have a strong opinion on what she wants to wear, it’s also important to coordinate the suits with the bride’s dress. One way to do this is by matching the groom’s vest with the embroidery of the bride’s gown, while the groomsmen match the gowns of the bridesmaids. However, if you think that the bridesmaids’ dresses are too bright for the men to pull off (even through their ties and cummerbunds) and then grey, black or a muted version of the same color would suffice. You can also go for boutonnieres that match the bridesmaids’ bouquets or the theme of the wedding.

It’s also a good idea for the bride and groom to give the groomsmen accessories as gifts for their participation in the wedding. This can come in the form of matching belts, cufflinks, tie clips or even the ties themselves. This way, even if matching outfits are out of the budget, you can still have accessories that help them look slightly more uniform.

Buying or Renting a Suit

Many groomsmen would be more comfortable with renting a suit as they may have to wear a suit that they won’t use again. But it must be noted that a suit can be worth investing in, and can be reused for future formal events.

If you’ve set your mind on renting, it’s a good idea to have the groom and groomsmen measured at least three months before the event in case there are any major alterations needed. As the wedding day draws near, the groomsmen should pick up their suits at least three days before the wedding in case there are any other minor alterations that need to be done.

When it comes to renting a suit, it’s always a good idea to rent them all at the same shop to ensure that the fabrics, styles and shades of the suit are uniform. Also, some suit rentals come with a discounts and deals that you can take advantage of to save money.