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How to Officially Announce Your Engagement

There are few things in life more romantic and exciting than having your significant other get down on one knee to ask for your hand in marriage. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single dry eye in the crowd when a heartfelt proposal is taking place! But once the ring has been placed on her finger, and the couple kisses to seal the deal, what’s next?

If you’ve recently been engaged, but have no idea how to announce it to your friends and loved ones, you’d be surprised at the many different ways you can announce your engagement:

Include photos of your engagement

If you’ve got some friends around during the engagement, politely ask them not to post anything on Facebook just yet. This allows you, the couple, to spread the news first to the people that matter the most to you. You can ask your friends and/or family if they have any nice shots of the proposal so that you may use it when you make your announcement to your loved ones. Get creative with the pictures by creating a collage or by including some other photos of you and your beau.

Turn your love story into a movie.

Got a passion for movies with the Photoshop skills to back it up? Have a go at a movie-themed engagement announcement by posing as your favorite movie characters and creating a movie poster out of your photos! Some movies posters you can try are Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Notebook or you can even invent your own movie title to go with your love story.

Go old school with snail mail.

Everyone gets emails these days, but there’s always some excitement that comes with getting a letter in the mail. Make a handwritten note or a personalized postcard announcing your engagement and send it out to your loved ones, no matter where they are in the world! A physical announcement of your wedding right at your loved one’s home is definitely more meaningful than a generic wedding announcement on social media.

Create a website.

This may require a little more work, but it’s a quick and entertaining way to spread the word about your engagement. If you or your soon-to-be spouse has some skills when it comes to web design, you can turn your relationship timeline into an interactive site where people can read about your love story. Once the news is out, you can also use this site to add updates about what’s going on in your wedding planning or you can turn it into a countdown to the big day!

Get traditional with an engagement announcement lunch or dinner.

No matter how fun, zany or creative you’re the above suggestions are, your announcement can feel more special and heartfelt you get to tell your loved ones in person. Host an intimate party with the people you want to share your big day with. They’ll probably already know what’s up when you send them an invite, but at least you can have a prepared speech to tell them that you’re about to get married and you’d like to ask them to share your big day with you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Remember to go with your instinct and choose your announcement based on your personality as a couple. Don’t buy into anything that’s trendy if it’s not your style. Once you’ve chosen how you’ll make the announcement, get ready for all the well-wishers and start preparing for your big day!