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Get ideas for wedding hair and makeup

Every bride must face the major dilemma of going up or down. Will you wear your hair up in a fancy twist or will you let it hang down your back? It is one of the toughest decisions any bride will have to make. The little things count and your hairstyle on your big day is something that will be remembered forever in pictures. It deserves a lot of thought. Your makeup is another important detail. Do you go au natural or add a little extra mascara and blush so you don’t look washed out in your pictures? This is another tricky situation. Going a little heavy on the makeup will make your pictures look better, but in person, it can look a little overdone. What is a bride to do?!

Check out the following tips to help you decide what to do with your hair and makeup on your big day.


Experiment with different hairstyles before your wedding. Consult a stylist about what they think. Make sure you have a picture of your dress and the veil so your stylist can come up with a look that will not interfere with your veil or distract from your gown.

Dresses with necklines to the collar bone-Go for an up-do, like a French twist. This is elegant and perfect for a formal wedding.

Off the shoulder dresses-You want to accentuate your neckline, without leaving it too bare. Go for a half-up half-down style. If your hair is shoulder-length, leave your hair down.

Boat neck gowns-You can go for the traditional part up and part down style or put the back up with soft tendrils of hair framing the face.

Sheer panels gowns-Long, flowing hair styles with the front of the hair pulled back are perfect for gowns with sheer panels or lacy bodices.

One shoulder gowns-Style your hair on the side with the bare shoulder. You can leave your hair down and pulled forward or a twist with tendrils of hair left on the opposite side to balance out your look.

High-neck gowns-Go for an elegant up-do that shows off the detailing of your neckline.

Strapless gowns-Leave your hair long, loose and flowing. This adds a demure quality to the strapless gown.

Makeup Tips

Your best bet for makeup is to keep it similar to what you would normally wear. You don’t want to get too heavy handed with the mascara wand if you rarely wear makeup. Follow these tips for creating the perfect look for your wedding day.

Consider hiring a makeup artist to do your makeup before the wedding. Discuss the look you are going for beforehand.

Use waterproof products—sweating and crying are strong possibilities and you don’t want your makeup running

Test out your foundation and powder before your big day. Some makeup reflects the light and you could end up with looking very ghost-like. Have somebody take pictures of you with a flash indoors and outdoors to test your makeup

Have your brows done a day or two before the wedding to give the redness time to fade

Pay special attention to foundation. You want your skin to look flawless, without looking cakey. Try out several foundations and shades to get the perfect look. If you are tanning before your wedding, make sure you test out the foundation when you have reached the perfect skin tone.

Your hair and makeup are going to require some trial and error. Spend a day trying different hairstyles with your veil and ask for honest opinions. Don’t get too hung up on making sure every hair is perfectly in place. A stray hair here and there adds a touch of realness to the moment that you will appreciate for years to come. Your guests will love seeing the real you as you walk down the aisle and not somebody who has been primped and painted until they are unrecognizable.