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Designating Wedding Helpers

Your wedding is going to be a very busy event. If you are not using a wedding planner, you are going to need to create some structure to your wedding. Call it organized chaos if you will. When you have more than 50 people gathering in one spot, things can get a little wild if there are not some key helpers designated early on to ensure everybody is where they are supposed to be and things are moving along in a somewhat orderly fashion.

There are a lot of little jobs that must be done before, during and immediately after the wedding. You will need to choose individuals who are responsible enough to get the duties done. The following list includes some of the small jobs you will want to assign.

Guest Book Attendant

This should be one to two people who are friendly and outgoing. You want them to take the book to guests who may have walked right by the table. At the reception, you want to make sure everybody has had a chance to sign the book. This means your designated attendant will need to visit each table asking if each person has signed. It doesn’t really matter who you choose, but if you want to make sure each family member is somehow included in your wedding, this is a great way to include them without making them part of the actual wedding party.

Babysitter/ Child Monitor

If your guests are bringing kids along to the wedding, you will want to have a babysitter or two on hand to manage the children during the ceremony and the reception. If you are planning a traditional, lengthy ceremony, it can be a little tough on kids to sit through it without crying or fussing. Have a room designated somewhere in the building where parents can drop their children off and attend the ceremony without being distracted by a little one’s needs. You need to hire a professional sitter with experience and training so parents are comfortable leaving their children in the care of a stranger. Include a note inside the invitations to those with children letting them know a sitter is available. Plan on one sitter for every four to five kids depending on the ages.

Wedding Manager

You need to have somebody who will follow up with the wedding cake provider, caterer and DJ to make sure everybody is in place and ready to go for the reception. Your wedding manager may be your parent, grandparent or somebody you can trust to make sure things are ready. Provide a quick checklist for them to make it easier. Decorations in place, cake table in place, food set up, place cards set, candles will be lit and so on.


If you are having a big wedding and a large reception, it helps to have two to four ushers who can direct people to their seats. Guests of the bride on one side and guests of the groom on the other side for the ceremony is traditional. If you are using place cards, make sure your ushers know where the tables are so they can quickly usher guests to their seats. Young men make perfect ushers!

When you are planning your wedding, it is important you analyze each step. Will you have music playing before the ceremony? If so, who is going to turn it on? Designating the little things early on ensures your day will go off without a hitch and you can focus on the getting ready part of it with your closest friends. You want to be able to relax and enjoy the moment and not worrying if the cake arrived and if somebody remembered to set the guest book out.