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Choosing Wedding Colors

Some ladies have it easy when it comes to choosing the colors for their wedding. They have probably been planning their weddings since they were five and have had their colors picked out for decades. Others will struggle to find two colors that really speak to them. And then, once you have the perfect colors in mind, you head to the bridal store to discover the colors are out of season, out of fashion or are just not what you had in mind and you are forced to start all over again.

Here are some tips to help you choose complimentary wedding color schemes that you will be pleased with and your guests will love.

When and Where

Before you choose colors, consider the time of day for your wedding and the style. Is it a formal wedding or a fun outdoor wedding?

Do you already have a venue picked out? If so, what color are the carpets and what color is the general décor of the room? You don’t want your wedding colors to clash with the room and create an abstract look.

What month of the year will your wedding be held? Seasons do matter! Fall and winter weddings tend to include darker colors while spring and summer weddings are more for the pastels that are very popular right now.

Are there cultural traditions that will need to be adhered to? Red may be your wedding color solely because of religious traditions.


Typically two colors are enough for your wedding. Do not choose more than three.

Choose colors from opposite sides of the color wheel i.e. red and green or blue and orange

Similar shades are nice, you may have a blush pink, pink and hot pink, or dark blue and light blue

Analogous is when you choose two to three colors that are side by side on the color wheel


Bold colors like red, dark blue, bright orange or purple are very loud and demand attention. These are great color choices if you are setting the stage for a formal wedding.

Pastels are the perfect palette for subdued, outdoor weddings. Pastels are ideal for intimate weddings.

Earth colors are warm, friendly and perfect for formal evening weddings or small semi-formal weddings. Browns, grays and some greens are perfect for creating a relaxing, yet elegant atmosphere.

Personal Style

If you are the type of girl who loves all things bright and considers tangerine a must in your daily attire, choose colors that reflect your personality. In the past, pinks and blues were the norm, but in today’s modern times, brides are having fun with the color wheel and creating combinations that are exciting and vibrant. You don’t have to stick with the color blush. If you like hot pink, go for it! Pick a color in your mind and then grab a color wheel and look directly across. Can you see yourself enjoying a wedding with those two colors? If not, look to each side of the color. You are sure to find a combination that speaks to you. You need to see the colors in person before you make a decision. Sometimes what we have in our heads looks totally different in person. Grab some swatches or head to your local paint store and check out the little paint cards. You will know when you find the perfect color.