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Choosing a Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is typically the focus of your reception. It is so important; it is given its own table complete with decorations. It is one of the most common traditions for weddings no matter what the religion. Everybody will be looking at the wedding cake, which means you have a lot of decisions to make to make sure your wedding cake is absolutely perfect for your wedding.

1. Start shopping for your wedding cake at least 9 months in advance of your wedding date. This gives you a couple of months to check out various bakers. You will want to order the cake at least 6 months in advance. Ask friends, co-workers and family members for recommendations. Do a Google check on each potential wedding cake maker to see what others have to say. Before you walk into a bakery, you need to have a budget in mind. This will help you determine just what you can afford in terms of size and embellishments.

2. The design of your cake should coincide with the formality of your wedding. If you are having an evening wedding that is very formal, a traditional cake with several tiers is warranted. A casual wedding wouldn’t require something quite as fancy. A double-tiered cake is adequate. Talk with a baker about what you are looking for. Some bakers will not bother with unconventional cakes and others will not be able to make large, multi-tiered cakes.

3. Sample cakes before making a final decision. While looks are important, you want your guests to enjoy the cake they are eating. White cake is fairly standard, but you will have the option to add flavored fillings that help add a little extra something to a plain white cake. Various frostings are also an option.

4. Once you have chosen a cake, get everything in writing. If your cake will have 100 roses made of icing on it, make sure it is included. You want all the details in writing so you can verify with the baker your cake is being made to your specifics in the days before your wedding. These are some things you will want to make sure are addressed.

Cake flavor


Number of tiers

Cake toppers

Roses and other special embellishments

5. Make sure your contract includes delivery details. The baker should arrive to the reception two to three hours prior to the reception starting. A table will need to be in place for the baker to put the cake together. This is typically when touch-ups to the frosting are made in order to present the perfect wedding cake.

A few extra tips to consider when picking your wedding cake are as follows;

If you want to save money, but want a large cake, opt for buttercream frosting instead of fondant.

Limit the icing roses, which are labor intensive and will cost more and go for embellishments that are premade and added to the cake

Supply your own cake topper

Choose fresh fruit as decoration for your cake for a cost-friendly, yet unique and pretty option Consider buying a smaller cake for the centerpiece with sheet cakes to serve to guests

Roses and other special embellishments

Spend some time choosing the right cake and you will do fine. You want a cake that reflects the personality and theme of the wedding. After all, it will be in several pictures and you want it to be a reflection of the day.