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Accessorizing Your Wedding Day Look

Your wedding gown is likely fabulous, but it needs a little something extra to be truly fantastic. Ladies know accessories are the key to creating the total package. There is a trick to accessorizing. You don’t want to overdo it and take away from the splendor of the gown you searched so long for, but you don’t want to skimp and leave your wedding day look lacking. There are a few key pieces every bride needs to complete her look on one of the most important days of her life.


The veil is essentially an extension of your wedding gown. It should complement the gown without detracting from any of the intricate lace and bead work the gown may have. There are various sizes of veils to choose from.

Cathedral: Cathedral veils are essentially yards of fabric flowing down your back with a long trail of fabric that trails along the floor. They are very regal and work best for formal weddings and lavish, ball gown-style wedding dresses.

Chapel: Chapel veils are full length veils that are perfect for a formal church wedding. Billowing ball gown wedding dresses look best with this style.

Waltz: The waltz veil is still a formal gown, but short enough you can still dance with it on without fear of tripping. The veil reaches about mid-calf and looks great with any full-length gown. Fingertip-It is just as it sounds and reaches to your fingertips. This is a more casual veil and could be worn with a classic ball gown or a fitted gown.

Flyaway: These veils are perfect for untraditional mini wedding gowns and outdoor weddings that are chic and laid-back. The veils reach just below the chin and are very casual.


Satiny white gloves are a traditional accessory many brides choose to wear simply because they like the regal feel of gloves. Gloves are best with sleeveless gowns at formal weddings. You can add a diamond bracelet to help break up the look while adding a little bling to your traditional style. If your gown is not the standard bridal white, your gloves should be dyed to match the color of your gown. Bridal gloves are typically sewn with a removable ring finger portion so you can keep your gloves on during the ring exchange.


Accessorizing your wedding gown with jewelry must be done very carefully. Less is more! A single gold necklace is appropriate if your gown has a simple bodice with a cut low enough to allow the necklace to lie against your chest. Avoid chunky necklaces that will distract from the bodice. Diamond earrings are the standard for wedding day accessories. Simple studs are perfect additions to elaborate gowns with lots of beading and lace. If your gown is more subdued with just a few embellishments, feel free to go big with your earrings. If your hair will be up for the big day, a pair of statement diamond earrings will look fabulous with your simple, but elegant gown.

A single diamond bracelet is appropriate for sleeveless or short-sleeve gowns. Typically, brides only wear bracelets when there is some sentimental reason like something borrowed or something old. Rings should be kept to a minimum. You are about to get the most important ring and you do not want to distract from it!

Here are some additional tips to picking the right jewelry for your day based on your wedding dress style:

Strapless: or sweetheart bodice styles look great with statement earrings without a necklace. Diamond or clear stone earrings are ideal, but you can add a splash of color by choosing a stone that matches your wedding colors.

V-neck: gowns paired with a choker or a necklace with a single pendant creates a very elegant look that would work well for formal or informal weddings.

A traditional-neck: look that never gets old includes a single strand of pearls and diamond tear-drop earrings. It is a timeless look that is simple, yet elegant.


Shoes are an important part of your total wedding day look, but it is important you choose a pair of shoes that you can walk comfortably in. You are going to be walking down the aisle with all eyes on you. You want to be able to do it gracefully without stumbling. You need comfortable shoes you are going to be okay wearing for several hours while walking around the reception and dancing with your guests. Often times, the prettiest shoes are the most uncomfortable! Choose wisely and go for a pair of shoes that meet both your needs. If you have a floor-length gown, you can take comfort in knowing very few people will see your shoes anyways.

Choose your wedding shoes based on your wedding. If you are going to be outdoors, stilettos are out. You need a sturdy heel that you can walk across uneven ground in. When looking for shoes, try on every single pair and walk around the store for a test run. Do you feel good in them? That is what truly matters. Even if nobody sees your shoes for more than a quick peek, when you are wearing sexy shoes, you feel more confident.

Take along a swatch of fabric that matches your wedding gown. If you don’t find a pair of shoes that matches the gown, consider having the shoes dyed. Not all whites are the same and you don’t want clashing colors.

Have fun and look for shoes that have pretty embellishments that complement your gown. If you have a simple satin gown, play it up with embellished shoes. Gowns that have heavy beadwork would look best with a pair of simple satin heels. Once you have chosen the right shoes, wear them around the house before the wedding. Get them broke in before you are forced to wear them for 6 hours straight.

Have fun with your accessories and give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect earrings, necklace, shoes and veil. You don’t want to rush the process and grab whatever you can find because you left the accessories to the last minute.